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Friday, October 15, 2010


Greetings fellow internet participants,

If you were expecting a long winded introduction linked to an impressive life story then I'm afraid I'll have to disappoint you. You see, I'm no good in introductions and I'm even worse at giving reasons for the things that I do. That is why you shouldn't interest yourself in me, but rather in my blog!

I know I should probably give out what kind of blog this is, but really, its about Films and Technology (mostly games, software, and technology having to do with them)... What else is there to say?

I'd advice you to simply read my posts and decide for yourself whether or not this blog will interest you, that is when there's more than simply a half-baked supposedly introduction post. It doesn't even contain any software related mentions!

However I can tell you that you will interest yourself at least to some extend in the things that I post, after all a world without technology or screenplay... can you still imagine it? I certainly can't, just think about it; all this software we have and use, it's not just film.

And whether you're a fan of drama or action films, or more the type that enjoys seeing the technical brilliance used in films won't matter, in fact even if you don't like films you'll probably still listen to music, play games or even use any kind of software.

There will be interesting topics for anyone here, regardless of who you are. (Alright, I'll admit; maybe if you are 80 and hate the present and technology then you'll not like this blog.. then again, what are you doing using a pc and software, silly elderly person)

Regarding games and film, have you guys ever noticed how much these two concepts are starting to overlap, I mean some games technically are films that you play in as the user.
But enough on that for now! I'll be going into that topic at some point in the near future. As well as more general on the topic software and technology. Since games and films are but a small part of our wonderful ingenious inventions.

I hope this introduction wasn't too extremely boring and I hope you'll come back to visit again, and if not then at least I hope you'll enjoy watching where the future goes.


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